Philosophy of Education

In the Christ-centered learning environment at Brice Christian Academy, each child is recognized as a unique creation of God.  Because the basis for teaching and learning at BCA is founded upon that principle, the school culture and practice reflects the school motto, Educating Mind, Body and Soul.

Intentional efforts are made to recognize individual needs and to  implement approaches specific to each student.  The cognitive, social, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a BCA student are supported and nurtured through innovative and research-based teaching methods and curriculum.  



The heart of BCA’s mission is to create a rigorous academic focus in an atmosphere of faith.


Brice Christian Academy was established as a chartered non-public school with the State of Ohio in 1995.  For 22 years, our school has been committed to Igniting the Flame of Excellence in a Christian Environment.

Brice Christian Academy follows the State of Ohio guidelines for chartered schools and we are active members of the Central Ohio Christian School Consortium.

Thirteen years ago, the school moved into the new educational wing.  We thank God for providing a wonderful facility that enhances the quality of your child’s education.



K – 8 Private Faith-based Education in Columbus, Ohio